15 Amazing Ways You Can Make Money Online With Travel Blogging.

How To Make Money With Travel Blogging

How To Make Money With Travel Blogging

by nimit April 08, 2018

Looking for ways to make money onlne with travel blogging we at nimitkhanna.com bring to you the best methods with wich you can accomplish that ” Good Life”


– Need To share the amazing travel experience
– Why not make money out of it
– Even better if you get paid for doing this on a regular basis
– Examples of people around you who that for living
– Plus it sounds absolutely cool when you say “I travel for a Living”
– It may sound cool, but it does not happen in a night
– There is a lot of hard work and discipline involved
– I am going to share with you pointers on different paths you can take to make money with travel bloggingBody

The golden rule On the Internet

– Traffic= Money
– Website as the center
– Traffic comes from, SEO, SMO, Email, Paid

Step 1
Get Your Website sorted
– WordPress
– 5 Best Travel Blogging themes

Step 2:
Decide Whom are you going to write for
– Aud Research
– Keyword Research

Step 3:
– Plan Content

Step 4:
– Promote Content
– Social
– Email
-SEO: Guest blogging, forums, Quora, commenting, making a video
– Building relationships online and offline


1) Adsense

– The easiest and the simplest way to start
– publish content
– Get traffic
– Monetise traffic with ads
– Make money
– the higher the traffic, the More you make money

2) Affiliate Marketing

– You get paid for promoting someone else’s product/service
– Eg: Flight booking sites, Hotel Booking sites, Tours & Travel, Lead Generation for specific tours
– You Generate content
– You get traffic – Mostly Via Paid Mediums- Best is FB Ads
– You make calculations on Your ROI & optimize your ads to lower your costs so you can increase your profits

3) Paid Articles

– You Approach travel organizations
– You sell them on the prospect of reaching out to your target audience
– You quote them your rates for writing an article about them

4) Influencer Marketing

– You cultivate your social media profiles
– Approach brands
– post on their behalf on your handles, promoting them
– they pay you for doing so

5) Create your Own Product/service

– You could jot your travel stories and experiences in an e-book
– Create how-to guides on How to plan solo trips & Backpacking & Budget Travels
– Curate Special travel Experiences for people to just follow them
– Book & Organise Trips For your friends/family & Colleagues

6) VLogging
– Document your travel experiences on Vlogs
– Monetise your videos with Adsense for youtube

– these were some of the broad ways of starting to make money with travel blogging
– if you think there are some other ways that I have missed, do let me know in the comment sections below, you see I too am learning 😀

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